Premium Exterior Detail

Pressure wash of all exterior surfaces including wheels, tires, wheel wells and underbelly.
Foam cannon used with the highest quality soap to lift off paint decontaminates allowing for a safe extraction from the paint surface. Boars hair brush used to ease dirt from all crevices including trims and grills. Underbelly pressure wash using an undercarriage pressure wash tool(great for removing built up salt and dirt deposits to help prevent rust). 2 bucket wash system implemented with a microfiber wash mit to prevent surface scratches in the paint. 

In addition to the vehicle wash, we apply Decon Iron remover to dissolve iron particles built up in the paint. Finally, we finish the exterior cleaning with a clay bar application where needed to remove the rest of the decontamination from the clear coat. 

Once your paint is decontaminated, we apply a Polymer sealant to protect your paint for up to 1 year. Please see our additional Premium add-on options that include further paint correction and paint protection options.

Premium Interior Detail

Cleaning of all surfaces of the interior of the vehicle, including door jams. Complete carpet and fabric
vacuum with high-quality shampoo followed by a water extraction. Vapor steam cleaner used where needed to safely lift and decontaminate even the most stained and soiled surfaces. Leather cleaning
and conditioning where applicable. Vinyl/plastic/trim cleaning and professional grade UV
protectant/conditioner applied. Includes full trunk space cleaning where applicable. Cleaning of the
interior glass using ammonia free glass cleaner (safe for window tint). Please see our additional
Premium add-on options that include fabric stain protectant and odor removal using Ozone treatment.

Maintenance clean

Exterior wash and spray wax. Wheels and tires cleaned and dressed. Interior vacuum and wipe down of all surfaces. All glass surfaces cleaned inside and out. This is a great option after a premium detail is completed to retain a perfect vehicle.

Paint correction

This service can be purchased as an add-on to your detail package or as a stand alone service. Either way, a proper paint decontamination wash and prep is completed prior to polishing. A single stage polish will remove about 50-75% of surface scratches and abrasions while preserving your clear coat for many more years of wear/tear and future paint corrections. For paint that has more substantial defects a 2nd or 3rd stage can be completed to perfect the paint while still preserving the clear coat. After the polishing is complete, we can apply a Carnauba wax, Polymer sealant or Ceramic coating to protect your new finish and enhance the gloss of the clear coat. 


Headlight reconditioning     

Removes the haze and yellowing built-up on your headlight surface which will improve the look, value and safety of your vehicle. A coating is applied once reconditioning is complete to help retain the new clarity. 

Engine Detail and dressing     

 Full engine compartment detail with a protectant applied to the plastic coverings. 


Ceramic coating   

There are a lot of ceramic coatings available on the market and most of them are solid products, however, a good amount are not up to the quality we require at Optimum. Our choice of ceramic coatings come from the Kamikaze product line. These glass coatings are the best on the market to provide the highest quality glass finish and hydrophobic properties to the surface of your paint. With proper maintenance, this coating will be effective for up to 3 years. We highly recommend at least a 1 stage paint correction to help prep for a ceramic coating. 


*Please note, once applied, your vehicle will need to stay dry for at least 24 hours while the product cures. 


Odor removal/Ozone treatment      

This service is for vehicles that have a lingering odor that surface cleaning can not eliminate. Typically if the vehicle has been smoked in or has had a high exposure to pets, we recommend at least 2 hours of Ozone treatment. With this, we use our commercial Ozone generator which produces Ozone in the vehicle to react with pollutants by breaking them down into less complex molecules which will decompose them into oxygen. After the Ozone has done its job, we apply a *New Car fragrance in the vehicle for a lasting fresh scent.


Fabric Protectant      

After an interior cleaning, you have the option of adding on fabric protection. We use a Fabric Guard which provides up to 12 months of protection from UV sunlight, liquids and other spills/stains. 

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